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How to Make Fitness and Weight Loss Fun (Really)

The words “diet and exercise” get used so often in our society, it’s hard not to cringe every time you hear them – especially if you’re among those having “diet and exercise” recommended to them! (Aren’t we all?) These words conjure up images of monotonous treadmills, stairclimbers, weight machine circuits, …

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A One And A Two: Physical Fitness Exercise

Any desire and action that is taken to increase the physical fitness of an individual should include at least two components. One of those components is eating of a proper diet. For the most part a proper diet is defined as one that is low in sugar intake, the proper …

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Improve Fitness in Stapleton, AL with Better Nutrition

Fitness in Stapleton, AL is a big deal for local residents and it’s getting progressively harder for people to find a gym that supports their goals and helps them lose weight. Very few fitness centers actually teach the important of nutrition and adequate diet – many simply hand out membership …

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